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MAVIG is a leading global manufacturer and developer in the field of radiation protection and medical technology carrier systems for clinics and medical practices. Our product range includes X-ray protective clothing and accessories, over-table and under-table anti-scatter protection devices, mobile protective walls, radiation protection built-in windows and curtains as well as ceiling-mounted equipment carrier systems, e.g. for monitors and lights. MAVIG has been known and valued for quality “Made in Germany” since 1921.


our Strategic approach and our international cooperation result in innovative , high quality product solution .
We take all efforts to provide our clients and partners with the highest quality , innovation and service to develop and manufacture product solutions managing cardiovascular and endovascular diseases. We are proud helping patients to improve their life


Randox health provides the world’s most comprehensive health checks available today , using patented Randox technology , 100s of individual tests are carried out to give you truly unrivalled knowledge about your current and future health